Sustainable Compute Infrastructure®


Energy Efficient AI Supercomputing

With the rapid adoption of Al and the explosive growth of Generative Al applications, the compute performance and energy efficiency requirements for training large models have become insurmountable. To meet these needs, Ceremorphic has developed a ground-up architecture with century defining innovations that will transform high performance Al training supercomputing market.

Analog and AI In Silico Drug Design

The challenges for any new drug development have been hampered by inefficiency in the design pipeline resulting in increased costs, longer development time and poor efficacy. Ceremorphic has devised an architecture based on its proprietary analog and AI technology that will transform the future of drug discovery to make cost effective personalized medicine a reality in the near future.



proprietary multi-thread

Quantum resistant

Designed on cutting edge 3nm process technology

One architecture for a wide range of markets and applications

AI Training Supercomputing

Life Sciences


Metaverse Processing

Learning Performance Culture

"Every member of Ceremorphic is encouraged to learn new things, innovate and become an integral part of a global team transforming the industry. I strongly believe that anything is possible and performing to the best of our abilities with aggressive goal setting is key to achieving meaningful outcomes."

Venkat Mattela, Founder and CEO