One architecture for a wide range of markets and applications


The energy required for current and future computing needs of high performance and machine learning is skyrocketing in data centers. At the same time, reliability and security is a critical concern given the large number of processing systems manufactured in advanced nodes. Ceremorphic’s ground-up architecture features low power consumption and industry-best-reliability technology to ensure uninterrupted application execution.

AI Training Supercomputing

Training deep learning models requires massive computing power, which has traditionally only been possible through expensive high-end systems. With larger computing needs brought in, the reliability issue made training times non-deterministic. With Ceremorphic’s Reliable Performance Technology, companies can train their models in a deterministic and cost-effective way.

Life Sciences

Ability to process huge amounts of data at scale is critical for discovery of solutions for challenging pandemic environments and drug discovery. Ceremorphic’s acceleration platform coupled with application specific assists provides technology to accelerate application processing for developing new solutions for complex medical problems.


Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are key drivers in modern vehicles because of their ability to save lives and reduce car accidents. Multi-modal sensor fusion is critical to provide required accuracy. Latency, secure execution, and low energy consumption of ADAS systems is of the utmost importance to make self-driving cars common. The Ceremorphic architecture is designed specifically to meet these needs, enabling the adoption of ADAS systems to be accelerated throughout the automotive industry.


Reliable and safety engineering is critical to see robotics become mainstream to increase productivity across all market segments. In addition, Robotics will enhance quality of life with applications which serves consumer needs as well. Ceremorphic safety certified silicon products enable building multiple platforms for industrial and consumer markets.

Metaverse Processing

Convergence of extended Reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR), is an exciting new capability that enables the creation of unprecedented creation of virtual worlds. Metaverse processing creates greater overlap of digital and physical spaces together to make productivity and entertainment applications abundant. Because of its extremely low power consumption and high performance, Ceremorphic technology can now enable metaverse processing in devices serving multiple markets.