Ceremorphic Announces New Life Sciences Division with New Design Methodology Based on its Proprietary Analog and AI Technology that can Significantly Reduce R&D Costs

  • New division will leverage analog and AI technology on its supercomputing platform to develop new drugs with new levels of efficiency in the entire development pipeline
  • This development platform will drive efficiencies that can deliver billions of dollars in savings to the pharmaceutical Industry, while shortening time to market for life saving drugs
  • Combines expertise from multiple disciplines of biology and chemistry with Ceremorphic’s proven IP strength in algorithms, AI and analog circuit technology

October 24, 2023, San Jose, CA Ceremorphic, a fabless silicon and system development company, today announced the formation of a new life sciences division called “Ceremorphic Life Sciences,” which has been established to transform the entire drug discovery and development process. The new division will have access to Ceremorphic’s own proprietary analog and AI technology platform that will allow its team of biology and chemistry experts to begin developing drugs at a pace unprecedented in the pharmaceutical industry.

With more than 10,000 diseases in the world and only 500 drugs available today, the Ceremorphic Life Sciences platform is the first solution capable of closing that gap by bringing efficiency at each level of the current design pipeline. Recent innovations on novel algorithms, hardware and AI technology advancements have enabled computer sciences and AI to play a critical role in designing a drug in addition to traditional expertise in biology and chemistry. Ceremorphic’s life sciences division leverages its over 5,000 person-year expertise of hardware, algorithms and AI to make this new architecture a reality.

“One new drug today typically requires over 10 years to develop, which can easily cost a pharma company more than $2 billion to bring to market,” said Dr. Venkat Mattela, Founder and CEO of Ceremorphic.” In addition to the cost, the drug development throughput and the balance of safety and efficacy is sub-optimal. This is going to change with Ceremorphic Life Sciences new design methodology because we have developed a new platform that can speed every single phase of discovery and development and selectivity at every stage. This type of platform has been long considered the holy grail of drug development and we are making it a reality that can transform the entire pharmaceutical industry for the benefit of all of society.”

Dr. William Haseltine, former Professor at Harvard Medical School and Founder Chairman and CEO of Human Genome Sciences (HGS) also stated “Current In Silico methods using the wet labs have limitations on scalability to produce enough data to use AI effectively. Ceremorphic’s hybrid approach utilizing analog circuit technology is unique. This approach not only accelerates computation speed, but also empowers AI to be highly effective throughout the entire development process.”

How the Design Platform Works

The new platform, BioCompDiscoverX, is based on Ceremorphic’s own proprietary patent pending technologies and includes a hardware software solution leveraging its own advanced silicon technology. For Ceremorphic’s own drug development, the company has been seeing a huge traction with potential partners in this space who have struggled with the cost and development time it takes to bring new drugs to market today.

In alignment with our business model, Ceremorphic Life Sciences envisions developing pharmaceuticals and overseeing the essential clinical trials. Concurrently, we plan to collaborate with strategic partners who will be responsible for the manufacturing process of these novel drug offerings.

The BioCompDiscoverX utilizes Ceremorphic’s analog and AI technology to make the In Silico Models to be more effective than traditional methods used today. This platform strives to enhance the scalability by minimizing the wet lab usage as much as possible and leverages the power of analog and AI technology. Unlike current in silico methods, Ceremorphic Life Sciences works with its own foundation models generated through its own proprietary relevant data synthesis methods.

Ceremorphic Life Sciences Division is headquartered in San Jose, CA and leverages engineering resources from Ceremorphic’s state-of-the art design center in Hyderabad, India.

About Ceremorphic

Founded in April 2020, Ceremorphic currently has 160 full-time employees dedicated to solving the compute performance and energy efficiency requirements of AI supercomputing and Generative AI. Leveraging more than 200 patents and proven expertise in creating industry-leading silicon and system products, Ceremorphic has developed a ground-up architecture with century defining innovations that will transform both computing and life sciences fields. The company develops advanced system products based on its own silicon in TSMC 5nm and 3nm process nodes. For more information, visit https://www.ceremorphic.com.



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